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Our team is prepared to have patients from different states of the USA and also from different countries including Brazil. Dr.Carvalho’s office is located in Plantation ( West Of Fort Lauderdale ), at New Image Cosmetic Surgery Center, near Sawgrass Mills Mall, 30 min from Miami and 2.5 hours from Orlando.

If you don’t live here, stay calm, our team will guide you throughout your entire process. before travel, you can contact our patient’s coordinator to assist you with the evaluation and estimate of your surgery.

Some cool tips you should know

01. Before Travel


Initial evaluation by photos (PHOTO GUIDELINES), blood work, and any pertinent test.

02. Arrived


The patient will be evaluated by Dr.Carvalho for instructions, at least one day before surgery.

03. After Surgery


The patient will be in the recovery room for a couple of hours before being discharged (home/hotel).

04. One Day After Surgery

Evaluation After Surgery

The day after surgery the patient will be evaluated, dressings changed and the patient will receive further information on post-operative care.

05. Back Home

1 Week Evaluation

The patient will be evaluated 5 to 10 days after surgery, before going back home.

05. At Home


It is important to stress that the healing process takes usually 6 months. Lymphatic (Post-Operative) massages are very important and crucial for good results.

About 20 Mins (15 miles) From

fort lauderdale airport


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Places To Visit

Ocean Drive

Through Southern Florida, there is a major road known as the A1A. When it passes through much of Miami, it is known as Ocean Drive, and it turns into Collins Avenue as you head toward Miami Beach. Be prepared for thousands of people in their best swimsuits, a plethora of nightlife options, access to white sand beaches and plenty of roller skating on the paved sidewalk just next to the road. Ocean Drive is lined with trees, which means that you can stroll back and forth, sightseeing and people-watching the whole way, and still take advantage of the shade on a hot Miami day.

Miami Beach Boardwalk

The Miami Beach Boardwalk is perhaps the best way to walk along the coast of Miami Beach. It stretches for over three miles, and it never veers far from the coast and Miami’s most stunning beaches. The Miami Beach Boardwalk begins at Indian Beach Park in Mid-Beach Miami, and it heads south all the way to the heart of South Beach. Eventually, the boardwalk turns to a paved walkway, but it never stops being lively, vibrant and scenic. Head there in the early morning to beat the heat and join the countless runners and cyclists starting their day with some exercise.

Little Havana

If you can’t get to Cuba, the next best place to experience Cuban cuisine, heritage, music and culture is in Little Havana. The highlight of this Miami attraction is the main drag through the district, called Calle Ocho or 8th Street. You’ll exclusively hear Spanish being spoken, and the surrounding shops on either side of the street sell Cuban favorites. On the street is Tower Theater, an Art Deco structure that still shows movies subtitled in Spanish. Stop in at Azucar Ice Cream Company to get Cuban-inspired sweet treats like a guava sorbet.